Yoga in the Elements

Have you ever taken your mat to the lawn and practiced among the elements?  Talk about a way to get in touch!  On the mat, in sun or shade – depending on your doshic makeup – provides easy access to the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth within. My next five blogs will focus on an element at a time and the specific benefits of practicing yoga in nature for optimizing presence and life and living.

As I begin, I connect first with sound – allowing my mind to move from sound to sound before guiding my attention to the sounds of breath.  In Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom, sound is the tanmantra of the space element which is the source of the fifth chakra, Vishuddha Chakra – the energy center of the subtle body located in the throat.  The benefit of consciously connecting with this sense and Chakra is equivalent to knowing where you are as a starting point in google maps so that you can enter your destination.  We truly cannot create anything lasting if we first don’t know where we are in time and space.  On or off the mat, being mindfully aware of the sounds around and within is key to soothing the nervous system, balancing the thyroid gland and being present to yourself. 

My next blog will explore the element of air,  the sense of touch, and the all-important business of the four chakra, Anahata Chakra in the heart.

If you are in the area, join me for an outdoor practice at the Historic John Jay Homestead.  See below. Namaste,