Yoga and the Element of Air

This second of 5 posts focuses on getting in touch with our internal landscape by using the cues of the external landscape, the elements of nature.  By taking your yoga mat to the lawn, to the beach, to the mountains – anywhere outside where the voice and touch of nature are near – you access your vital nature’s intrinsic balance and wisdom.

I begin standing, facing the sun and absorbing the prana around me through all of my senses.  Becoming mindfully aware of the sensory gates of my ears, nostrils, skin, eyes, and mouth, I then guide my attention from head to toe focusing in on a sense at a time.

As I attune to the element of air, I connect with its touch on my skin and then follow the sensations from my nostrils into my body.  Air is the governing element of the forth chakra, Anahata and the heart.  In its ordinary quality, this chakra governs all circulation in the physical body and regulates the thymus gland.  Heightened, the chakra opens and detaches from all “suppose to be” stories and accepts what is, loves what is, and quiets thought so peace can reign. Perhaps this practice might inspire you to take your mat outside to explore and access your vital nature, I hope so. 

  Up next: the fire element, the sense of sight and the Manipura Chakra.