About Deirdre

Determined, dedicated, and attentive to her values, Deirdre is present, kind, and compassionate. She avoids trouble, seeks to prevent pain and cultivates joy and serenity. Deirdre is a coach for living your best life.

While suffering is everywhere, and in every person, so too is joy.

What you experience can be determined with your mind’s focus. Many types of suffering can be avoided or lessened, and yes some is necessary and unavoidable.

For me and my clients, discerning one’s relationship to suffering is paramount. My work is to support individuals in creating self-care practices that reduce suffering and optimize health and joy – that’s it.

Being efficient and effective is a particular interest of mine because after all, we don’t have all day – let’s get on with living! I have both personal experience, and professional expertise at this very thing, so I want to ask,

What is seeking expression through you, yet hasn’t found its way forward?

Imagine if you could complete your day with confidence, and surrender to sleep – effortlessly?

I will help you learn about your elemental nature and the naturally occurring tendencies that assist you and get in your way. This process will help you discover peace and cultivate contentment in your nature and set things right.