Best of health to you!

I welcome you to this site designed to offer inspiration for your self-care.  Here you’ll find avenues that range from a two-minute hand mudra, five-minute breath practice, twenty-minutes yoga sequence, as well as approaches to meditation, Ayurvedic self-care protocols, a guide to your Doshic make-up, and seasonal recipes.  I also include descriptions of the classes, workshop and training programs I offer as well as my Integrative Health Coach and Ayurvedic Health Counseling packages.   Everything here is designed to help you improve your experience of living in mind and body.

I believe we must define what health means to us personally.  Once defined we have to go after it, take care of it because as sure as night follows day, death follows life.  There is GREAT power in learning how create our best health. And we’ve got a lot of good living to do, so let’s get started                                         

                    Health       Balance      Attention      Action