Me, My Mat & I

When I want the truth about something, I go to my yoga mat.   

Over years of practice, I’ve learned there’s nothing like asking a question of myself or to myself and taking it to the mat.   Maybe you can relate. It’s the place where mind and body can have an intimate dialog about truth.  I might very well think that I have an open and willing attitude or perspective regarding a person or experience.  As I center, open, breathe, move and explore I trust the moment contains all I need to know.  As my request to deepen or open in postures is met with resistance or restriction, truth is revealed.   My ego’s perspective differs from my  body’s willingness and my consciousness expands to include all perspectives.  It’s a daily dialogue, often humbling. 

Today,  mat one is met and my self-care is aligned with good food, good sleep, good attitude, good work. 

By the way, there are dynamics in life that are best met with a double dialogue, a doubt mat day. And,  I’m available for a second dialogue as needed.