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Free: Introduction to Ayurveda

How can this ancient science guide your life today?

Ayurveda is the first Lifestyle Medicine, and dates back 5,000 + years, yet is highly relevant and even trending in 2019!

Katonah Village Improvement Society
4th Annual KVIS Yoga Celebration                                                                                                Katonah Inspired Health and  Wellness Program

I  serve on the executive board of this community organization since 2014.   KVIS has been protecting, preserving and advancing the quality of life in the beautiful village of Katonah, New York since 1878.  Katonah Inspired is one of the many vibrant committees of this not-for-profit that seeks to promote healthy living for residents and their neighbors through health education and wellness programs which include:

  • Summer Solstice – Yoga Celebrations at John Jay Homestead   2013-2018
  • Health Forums:                                                                                                           Food As Medicine: 2017                                                                                                     Revisiting Katonah Indigenous Roots: 2016                                                                   Reducing the Harmful Impact of Stress: 2015                                                                 What is Health? 2014
  • Health Classes                                                                                                                    What the Health is Going on Your Plate?  2018                                                            What the health is going on?  2017 & 2016
  • PLUS:  Sprouting, Alexander Technique, Juicing for Health, Sprouting for Health, Research on Yoga,  Qi  Gong, Breath, Movement and Meditation
  • Winter Solstice – Fireside Celebrations  2013-2017