What’s my part?

What’s my part in the unfolding of a day?

On the one hand, the universe is incomplete without me.  On the other, it will keep unfolding without me.  Therein lies a paradox in need of balance.  Some days I am so invested in how the day unfolds, while other days I am a curious and unattached witness. 

Yesterday, for example, I had a day chockfull of multiple categories of activity, teaching yoga and dosha coaching; banking, shopping, cooking, self-care and a touch of socializing.  I noticed at the end, I needed to ‘check out.’  First, I succumbed to the TV and watched an episode of Frankie and Grace which left me feeling completely disoriented.  Then, I meditated through the chakras with Bija mantras to reground and was ready to go to sleep.  I had a powerful dream but that’s for another day’s share.

Today, the fabric of my activities are looser.   I’m appreciating the vibe of the first Friday of August 2018.  It’s that signature summer feel – like a kid who’s cut loose from school enjoying endless summer days of play that lingers from childhood.  I want to cut loose.

 I wonder if the universe comprehends the human psyche and its cycles?  Can it feel us at play?  Or, might we be reflecting it at play? Does the universe have a summer mode, the first Friday in August glee?  While I’ll never know, I can be mindful and aware that I am participating in something grand and magnificent.  I can continually commit to checking in rather than checking out – especially when my senses are overloaded and I feel overwhelmed from exhausting myself.  I can cultivate devotion to unifying my conscious awareness in my body and mind familiarizing and sensitizing to their vibrations and be available to dance with the energy of the day as it shows up.   

My part?  I realize  I can cultivate awareness of the universe’s vibrations in me and reflect them back.  My life can be a playful dialogue 365 days a year!

What part do you see for yourself?