Ayurvedic Dosha Coaching

Before we can really take effective care of ourselves, we need to understand our intrinsic nature and how it seeks to express freely in our lives.
Connecting with our intrinsic nature

Coaching is a process of discovering the current expression of our mind and body and then cultivate new behaviors that help us to heal, grow and ultimately flourish. Transforming illness to wellness, pain to comfort, distress to joy, judgment to love, and lack to abundance is deep and sacred work.   On the one hand, change is a process that takes time, courage and a readiness to begin. Transformation, on the other hand, can occur spontaneously.  Let’s engage in both!

Dosha Coaching

Dosha Coaching blends the neuroscience of behavior with the twin sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.  It’s the ultimate lifestyle medicine precisely because individuals come to understand their symptoms as signs of elemental imbalance and learn what to do to correct and reset their system naturally.  I co-create evidence-based self-care practices based on an individual’s unique need for balance.  Nutrition, five sense therapies, yoga’s movement and meditation, mudras and mantras and daily routines are the core of the process.   One of the blessings of Dosha Coaching is clients come to respect their body and mind and become willing to listen and take care in a whole new way.    See Yoga and Ayurveda Study Course for more information.

Mudra Meditation for grounding