Jess Mishu, owner, Blue Ridge Yoga, Knoxville TN:

Deirdre drew from an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom as she guided us through a workshop of self-care. She first introduced concepts of yoga, self-care, and Ayurveda, let us become aware in our body, and then had us write out our individual constitution. She then had us voice and express our thoughts as we explored what makes us unique and individual. We created our unique self-care programs based off the information.

I feel after her workshop that I have a greater understanding of myself, what drives my actions, and when I am out of balance. Getting to know myself better has lead me to be more forgiving and compassionate with who I am, and what makes me unique. Deirdre was such a calming and loving presence, I felt safe enough to explore and express myself.  I don’t think I can say this about anyone else, but a day with Deirdre Breen changes your life!

Deborah K, Nurse Practitioner:

Deirdre Breen has been supporting my health and wellness with Reiki and Yoga since 2011. Her gentle energy combined with her deep knowledge of the science and application of eastern therapies have helped me through several significant physical and emotional crises with ease. She is an exceptional teacher and practitioner who uses her knowledge and wisdom to provide individualized guidance for acute and chronic problems.

Jeff P, Port Washington, NY:

Thanks again for a most remarkable yoga session.

I believe the magic you bring is three fold.  At first, you have a way of really preparing us slowly but surely to warm up both mentally and physically before we begin more advanced poses.  This is not rushed as it is in so many other classes I’ve experienced.  Yours feels natural, in tune with the body and mind and how long it actually really takes to get to that place.  Your timing is true for both body and spirit.

But even better are your words and demeanor during each successive pose.  You have a way of “keeping” us in these poses in a fashion that lets us truly “be” with each pose.  You don’t rush–every pose has purpose and you describe for us, in the most wondrous of ways, what we are suppose to be feeling so that we get to all the places we’re suppose to (and, again, never rushing to the next pose–rather flowing to it, naturally).  Your touch is wonderful and very healing.

At the end, after all of the poses have been strung together, each with its own meaning, one feels as if they have been part of a fabulous painting, and you find yourself transformed, naturally, blossoming to serenity.  A lot of teachers feel as if they need to go through some sort of mega gyrations to gain effect.  You are effortless, natural, organic, connected to the earth and the Universe, and most important to other human beings.

Freddi Munsur, Abigail Pound Ridge NY:

I have worked with Deirdre Breen as a student in her Health Coaching program which was developed by Duke Integrative Medicine.  I have been in many sessions with her and her expertise as well as her caring and skill in understanding  individual needs is excellent.  Deirdre approaches each person from both a physical psychological and spiritual perspective and is a true healer, bringing all three dimensions together into harmony. I have been looking for a yoga class which develops the essentials of stretching breathing and meditation and adapts to my personal limits and Deirdre’s does all of these. Thanks Deirdre  Abigail Pound Ridge NY

Annette Geiss
The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research: 

I usually wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn and toss and turn. Last night after taking Deirdre’s yoga class  I slept ALL night till morning!!!


Marc Symons, PhD.,  Feinstein Institute for Medical Research:

The yoga practice significantly improved my strength and stamina and also increased my flexibility. I like how you encourage us to use the asanas to explore the edges of my body/mind. I also very much appreciate your emphasis on coordinating movements with breathing, pacing and not forcing ourselves.  Clearly, yoga practice (at least in the way you are teaching it) also increases mental clarity, self knowledge/confidence and tranquility.  


Maria Ruggieri -Scientist:

Dear Deirdre,

Thank you for introducing me to the fabulous benefits of yoga. Having the opportunity of practicing it here just makes it possible for me. It has been a great discovery for me. Developing a connection with my body has been a great gift, as I have always had difficulty with it. I never practiced sports consistently and felt always awkward with moving my body. This experience of yoga has been liberating for me as I have begun to explore this long neglected relationship.