An edge is an invitation…

In the morning, before I open my eyes I often wake in the middle of an idea in process and seemingly waiting for my conscious audience.   When this happens I lay in bed and turn over it’s meaning.  Sometimes when it seems especially poignant, I record it..  My mentor suggests I share these thoughts via a blog. So here I go – June 18, 2018,  my first waking consciousness post.

When the edge of a yoga pose is unyielding it’s reflective of judgment.”

 Hmmm. The hard edge in my asana practice is the place where I cannot deepen further into a pose without cutting off my breath or tensing my body.   Does that edge mean I’m judging myself, others, life, the weather?   Is a strong opinion creating a hard and unyielding the edge?. Today when I got on my mat I was alert and aware.  When I met a hard edge I asked: “What’s in my mind, where’s my judgement?” And there, on the edge of my inhale -I could actually sense fear I hadn’t been aware of.   Instinctively I wanted to escape by changing the pose – just flow past it, but today I stayed to inquire.  With a growing nausea in the pit of my stomach the fear was of failing to prepare well enough for an upcoming event I am responsible for.  Sweat gathered on my hairline as I listened to the inner judge and felt my mind and body a little unsteady.  Then I recalled a recent conversation about the event with my brother, Regis who said: “Deirdre aren’t you creating this event for people to enjoy yoga?  So enjoy it!”  I smiled and absorbed the memory of his wise counsel.  Steadied by the thought, I exhaled and moved through my vinyasa. 

Takeaway:  Next time you are on your mat and meet a hard edge, consider it an invitation to inquire about your judgments.  A steady breath will soften your edge and body and perhaps help you open your mind.  I’m curious about what you find and invite you to share it with me.