About Deirdre

Determined, dedicated, earnest and faithful. However, she’s also afraid of trouble and actively avoids pain. For example, physical, she flosses, mental, she tells the truth (most of the time) and spiritual – she meditates and prays everyday.

I’ve seen too much suffering. Family members, friends, other people, animals and the earth. It hurts especially when it is obvious it could be lessened or avoided all together. I’ve have watched, listened, and learned how to stay out of trouble and maintain my best health. It hasn’t always been easy and I haven’t always been successful yet my efforts are always worthwhile. I’ll list my credentials and trainings which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. Yet to make it a bit easier for you, what’s most important – in my view – is I am able to motivate you and guide your efforts so you feel better, have the energy to do what you want to do, as much as possible, and create peace in your mind that can then tell the rest of you, “It’s okay, life is good – it’s a gift, cheer up.” That may sound pie in the sky, yet no matter what is hurting you, you can feel better, and I am here to help.


National Board Medical Examiners’ Certification: Health & Wellness Coach, 2017 Benson Henry Institute, Resilient Youth Training, 2017, Harvard Mind Body Conferences, 2014, 2015, 2017 California College of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 2017, Duke Integrative Medicine, Leading Others in Writing for Health, 2017, ISHTA Yoga,  Master Yoga Teacher Training, 2016, ISHTA Yoga, Yoga Nidra Certification, 2015, Duke Integrative Medicine, N.C.  Professional Integrative Health Coach Certification, 2014, Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans with  PTSD, 2011, ISHTA Yoga, 500-HR, 2009, Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony, Interfaith Ministry Ordination and Reiki Master Training, 2005, Shamanic Training with Sharon Turner’s Awakenings, 1999-2003, National Council on Alcoholism: Addiction Counselor Training, 1985, Prevention Research Institute, Prevention Specialist, 1985, Fairfield University, M.S. Economics, 1981