Daily Self-Care Assessment

How to become aware of your daily needs and wants?


By asking yourself the following questions you’ll gain self knowledge about how to use your self-care energy intelligently to improve your health and wealth-being.  PHYSICAL   

      • What does your body feel like, is it stiff or willing,  spacious or congested? 
      • What’s  your appetite like? 
      • Do you have the energy to do what you need to do? 
      • Is your digestion current? 


      • What is the quality of your mind,  fast or slow, focused or wandering, creative or ruminating? 
      • Can you use your mind,  or is it using you?
      • Are you looking to the past, or future?
      • How can you practice being in the moment?   


      • Are you aware of your feelings? 
      • Are the emotions you are feeling in balance with your experience? 
      • Is there anything you need to communicate to clear the air for a fresh start?
      • Do you need time today to process your thoughts and feelings  in order to make    healthy choices  and  create stability?


      • Are you in touch with your impact on others? 
      • Are you mindful of a source of life, faith or goodness that governs life?
      • Can you receive inspiration from your breath with gratitude?      
      • Can you be a source of inspiration for someone else today?


Review your answers and notice which domain of your life could use attention.  If all areas seem to be calling you, recognize this and look to set aside time for self-care in the near future. For today,  identify a caring action that can address one need.  Believe this caring action will ripple through all domains  of your life. Over time this daily assessment will  strengthen your health and wealth through an improved connection with yourself.                                                                            

Contact me if you’d like guidance in how to use this tool for optimal health and wealth-being.