Dosha Coaching and Health Coaching

Before we can really take effective care of ourselves, we need to understand our intrinsic nature and how it seeks to express freely in our lives.

Coaching is a process of discovering the current expression of our mind and body and then cultivate new behaviors that help us to heal, grow and ultimately flourish.   As a coach, I support clients in the process of transforming illness to wellness, pain to comfort, distress to joy, judgment to love, and lack to abundance, whatever is needed and desired.  I offer this confidently.  My experience serves those who are ready to step into a new mindset of just how good they can feel.  You see when change is needed, desired, advised, or imposed it helps to have the expert support of a professionally trained coach.  On the one hand, change is a process, it takes time, courage and a readiness to begin. Transformation, on the other hand, can occur spontaneously.  I engage and am present to both processes personally and professionally.

We are at our most vulnerable when we are changing – it’s the definition of stress.  Partnering with a skilled coach is vital to the safe, effective and successful process of behavior change.  I provide two distinct approaches.  As a  board-certified health and wellness coach, I follow the Duke Integrative Medicine model of behavior change.  Duke’s program is considered the Gold Standard in Integrative Health Coaching.  As a Yogi and Ayurvedic Practitioner, I’ve developed a process I’ve termed Dosha Coaching.

Dosha Coaching

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Dosha Coaching is a dynamic approach to health and healing that blends the neuroscience of behavior with the twin sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.  It’s the ultimate lifestyle medicine precisely because it follows the cues of the elements of life to inform our lives.  Together with my clients, we create evidence-based self-care practices that are grounded in the elemental nature of the individual and their unique need for balance.  The blessing of Dosha Coaching comes in the experience of meeting ourselves where we are and learning to make the healthiest choices for our well being based on what is essential about us, our intrinsic nature.  The most encouraging aspect of this process is that over time as clients re-group with themselves, truly listen and learn from their mind and body expression, their imbalances dissolve into the strength of their true being.  See Yoga and Ayurveda Study Course for more information.

Integrative Health Coaching

As a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, I provide personalized health planning and coaching around 8 domains of self-care to help cultivate healthy behaviors to improve life.  I use the Duke Wheel of Health, a research-based process model, and guide clients’ own inquiry into their vision for a healthier lifestyle. To schedule a complimentary coaching session, send me an email.

Health Coaching at Sands Point Preserve Long Island

The Four Seasons of Wellness Program                                                                     at Sands Point Preserve is a custom series of four retreats and four health education sessions designed to enhance health by improving self-knowledge and care.
Based upon the Duke Wheel of Health, developed by  Duke Integrative Medicine.  Seasonal coaching sessions guide individuals in adjusting behaviors that are in sync with natural rhythms within and around us.

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