What does it take to truly take care of ourselves?

I have asked myself and my clients this question for years.  The answers continually evolve with self-knowledge and effort.  I am motivated by the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Health is our first wealth, and guided by Ayurveda and Yoga, the twin healing sciences.   This website describes the programs and services I offer to assist individuals in cultivating their best expression of health and well being.  For a consultation contact me, I’d be delighted to hear from you. 

Professional Services 
  • Integrative Health Coaching: partnering with individuals to efficiently sustain self-care practices that bring their best health to life.       
  • Dosha Coaching a unique approach to wholesome health that combines the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga with the neuroscience of behavior.   
  • Private Yoga & Meditation: Whole health practices customed for individuals and small groups.
  • Ayurveda and Yoga Study Groups: An eight-class curriculum designed to instruct individuals in meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and food choices that support their health and lifestyle.
Meditation class — creating peace by being peaceful


MINDFULLNESS                                compassion in action                    as the universal laws of energy, matter, and spirit                       express effortlessly.                                                                                            


My Education and Training